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True Crime 49 Podcast

Welcome to True Crime 49.

4 Episode Examples of Gothic Veritas

Sep 27, 2021

True Crime Podcast is such a pleasant respite for so many of us, the most deviant relish of the genres. What we always wanted a true-crime podcast to be.

In all of the numerous reports, we assuredly have lost some of the nuances, like when we were there with Ruby,  remembering the prostitute, who looked upon the new girl as a daughter. But in the intro, the torsos had been washing in the tidewaters already. 

Thunderbird Place, Sierra and Ruby stayed here

When Sierra looked up into the troopers face flashing in the blue light, she was maybe hours from gently becoming like ice cream, kept soft, to be retrieved later fresh, for who knows how long. It must be the truth. 

The dark and mysterious indulgence of the new tenants at Sam McAlpine's old place. They are moving in and have fumbled onto the couch. The squeaking couch cushion, now only feet away from the drying bones and the part dry gut pile that it is crumbled over. The dry juices have splayed out under the entry stairs storage closet.   In order to breathe in the various vapors of the room, we must be standing in it.


Samuel McAlpine, Alaskan Cask of Amontillado

In the hotel room across the hall from Omar’s. His children's toys are still scattered for school right there on the other side of the wall, The zip line had been cutting a line into his neck for minutes, we were there as he came to terms with the way that it is. Watching it all in the now. Watching, gratefully, in  Gothic Veritas.

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 Missing Sierra Raye Mullin formerly Roberts