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True Crime 49 Podcast

Welcome to True Crime 49.

4 Episode Examples of Gothic Veritas

Sep 27, 2021

True Crime Podcast is such a pleasant respite for so many of us, the most deviant relish of the genres. What we always wanted a true-crime podcast to be.

In all of the numerous reports, we assuredly have lost some of the nuances, like when we were there with Ruby,  remembering the prostitute, who looked upon the new...

The Original Gothic Veritas

Sep 20, 2021

Gothic literature of old like Bram Stroker and Edgar Allen Poe brings the dark, horror, and often crime. The rich imagery and vivid intensity place the reader in the moment. Instead of fiction literature, True Crime 49 presents Alaskan crime cases, crafting from the known elements. When an officer makes a report, gone...

Sep 9, 2021

Two of the most well-known unidentified women Horseshoe Harriet and Eklutna Annie were both the victims of Robert Hansen, known as the Butcher Baker. Follow his progression from a dejected boy to a full-blown serial killer.

If you haven't heard the first episodes of this season, we encourage you to do so. The first 7...